White Register  (Detail)
dbkey: 1050

Year:  1910 CH:  420
Model:  OO Condenser:  466
Body Type:  Touring Flowmotor:  O 1981
Serial Number:  8652 Duplex:  Ashton 156,888
Engine:  805 OO      
Body Number:  OO 363   
Rearend:  420 OO   
Steam:  Ashton 157,231   
Present Owner:  Rob Williams
Previous Owner:  Tom Goyne [10]
William Beatty [86]
Henry Ford Museum [78]
The White Company [35]
H. W. Stark, Gainesville, TX
Notes:  Sold to Mr. Stark Nov. 27, 1909. Original maroon body and fenders. Original black chassis and wheels. Original carmine stripe. Original black upholstery.