White Register  (Detail)
dbkey: 961

Year:  1906 CH:  
Model:  F Condenser:  2541
Body Type:  R de B Flowmotor:  
Serial Number:  3400 Duplex:  
Engine:  E 2525  Fire:   
Body Number:  1167   
Steam:  Ashton 93,149   
Air:  Ashton 97,173   
Present Owner:  John Gurnee
Previous Owner:  Julian Malka
Arthur Twohy
J. M. Colman New [38]
Notes:  Washington state plate 65 when new in 1906. Original dark green body, chassis and wheels. Black fenders. No. 1312 in top of tool box. Original black upholstery. Might be s/n 4221.